Zune sync updating

Microsoft plans eventually to link the Zune up with PCs and Xbox 360 consoles using its wireless connection; but right now, the wireless connectivity is limited.There's no wireless syncing with your Wi-Fi-equipped PC at home and no wireless access to the Zune store. The two Zune players I tested sent music and photos flawlessly once I got past an initial glitch that locked one player's wireless connection in the off position.The i Pod remains the king of the hill here, but if you absolutely must buy a non-i Pod hard-drive player, the Zune is a reasonable choice.If the company can follow up with higher capacities and improved wireless access, Apple might really have a fight on its hands.Instead it hung until I clicked Stop Sync, unplugged my Zune, and deleted the offending file.

You might expect the graphical embellishments to slow things down as you navigate through the interface, but I found the Zune remarkably snappy.

The shipping model of the Zune I tested shows impressive polish for a first effort, but its features don't seem compelling enough to make it a serious threat to take a big chunk out of i Pod sales.

At 0 for 30GB of storage, the Zune costs exactly as much as the latest 30GB video-capable i Pod and the Zen Vision: M.

Ultimately, the Zune is an intriguing mix of innovation and lack of execution.

Though its current wireless implementation disappoints, Microsoft's first MP3 player is a decent all-around media player.

When you're watching videos on a screen that small, every extra bit of real estate counts.

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