Validating parsers

Whilst this is a fast and simple approach to read XML documents manipulation is difficult because data are not stored, simply handled and discarded serially. The Qt XML module provides an abstract class, QXml Reader, that defines the interface for potential SAX2 readers.

The URIs used for features and properties often look like URLs, e.g. This does not mean that whatsoever data is required at this address. Everybody can define and use new SAX2 properties for his or her readers. To set or query properties the following functions are provided: QXml Reader::set Property(), QXml Reader::property() and QXml Reader::has Property().For a practical example on how to use the Qt SAX2 classes see the tagreader walkthrough. namespaces) can be found in the introduction to the Qt XML module.DOM provides an interface to access and change the content and structure of an XML file.Being a non-validating parser QXml Simple Reader does not support set to FALSE.When changing this behavior using QXml Simple Reader::set Feature() note that the combination of both features set to FALSE is illegal.Thus nearly everything can be used as a property value.

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