Updating bios using asus ez flash sfdating

Shut the lid like always and the next time I went to use it it did the exact same thing yours did. And also CPU fan worked endlessly giving a hint that motherboard was working. I dismantled the laptop completely and separated motherboard from other components.

Hey guys have had asus for a year or so sometimes deleting or uninstall programs can cause this what I found that works is plugging it directly into the Internet turn it on and leave it there on charge asus will automatically connect to the asus server after a while things will start to happen you'll slowly gain access then you can repair Good day to all. I tried disconnecting Power Charger from Power Outlet... then pushing down the Power Button for about 2 mins...

I am having similar problem with my ASUS laptop A43SD after flashing to new bios version 208 using the EZ flash ultility in the CMOS. after taking the DC power supply out and unplugging the AC power supply ; hold main power button down for 2 minutes. and then pushing power button again like a nornal turning on process and it worked out!

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Isolated this chip by covering other electronic components by using alufoil with capton tapes. Heated GPU using hot air gun by monitoring the temperature. Needed to heat it up to 220deg celcius and maintain it for 1-2min.

Here’s the simplest method I know of for flashing a TM-AC1900 to a RT-AC68U or RT-AC68P⁽ⁿᵉʷ⁾.

This guide is tested and working for many people and has been featured in Life Hacker.

It went through a restart on its own then another update and everything works normal now. It must have shut off last night during a very important update. But I believe there can be so many people around facing difficulties with same issue.

I turned mine off by holding the off button in for 2 minutes. This time it showed Windows updating , which took quite some time. HDD worked only for few seconds and HDD LED went off.

EDIT: Somehow the board came off on its own and I'm able to find the chip in question on the back side of the board...

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