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You get in there with your big boots and you kick it all apart and you don't care who you hurt!

Would that help you forget how completely you screwed my life up? Maybe I should just save you the trouble and blow my own brains out, hm?

you know, I honestly don't think there's a human word fabulous enough for me.

And that's where we're going- As The Master: -right back to the beginning. You'll learn you're a pathetic schmuck, if it hasn't sunk in already.

Fortunately for you, that child's uniform shields you from your rightful fate. You have lost control of Terok Nor, disgracing yourself and Cardassia.

You're not worthy of the name "Dax." I knew Jadzia. You are squandering our ships and our lives in a petty act of vengeance! If you were a true Klingon I would kill you where you stand!

Do you understand, if this had been a Cardassian ship, we would be home now. Coulson: "You devoted your entire life to a deranged narcissist who never gave a damn about anyone, and now he's dead.

Starships chase us through the Badlands and our supporters are harassed and ridiculed. Because we've left the Federation, and that's the one thing you can't accept. At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation. You assimilate people and they don't even know it."Worf: You rule without wisdom and without honor.

And if your conscience is bothering you, you should soothe it with the knowledge that you may have just saved the entire Alpha Quadrant, and all it cost was the life of one Romulan senator, one criminal... I don't know about you, but I'd call that a bargain.

You've lost the capacity to feel the emotions you brought Gem here to experience. Because you knew I could do those things that you weren't capable of doing. And you'll get what you wanted: a war between the Romulans and the Dominion.

So in one fell swoop, as it were, I lost my girlfriend, my livelihood and my place to live.

Actually, she threw my stuff out onto the street, got a restraining order on me, notified the neighbors and called my boss. Catherine: I didn't create the circumstances of your life, Leo.

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