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Instead, if the bartender likes your voice, she might hand you a microphone and pull you over the bar for a “No Scrubs” duet.

Generally speaking, any plan to meet new friends on the ground floor of a Super 8 is probably not a great plan.

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Harvard & Stone comes from the same family as Davey Wayne’s, No Vacancy, and Breakroom 86.Experience LA’s legendary nightlife in one of the world’s most unique and visionary spaces.The Edison has a sense of "industrial opulence" mixed with a trendy vibe, and offers the right mix for anyone looking for a great night out, whatever their style.Precinct is a massive, warehouse-y bar in Bunker Hill and probably the most popular gay bar in the entire city right now.Though lines can get bad (especially on the big drag show nights), the crowd is far more laid-back than what you usually find in Weho. Combine that with relatively cheap mixed drinks and great music and you’ll have some new friends in no time. One bar’s line was too long, another place was empty, and then, you met up with some friends who were too drunk to get into your last-resort spot.Come join us for a great time with other friendly professionals.

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