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It could be where I'm going, but most nights out in Mission and SOMA seem to be 70% men. I've heard dozens of women say that they know plenty of awesome attractive single straight women.

The Bad: Waiting for something better- People really enjoy dating around but have a hard time settling down because they don't want to miss out on something better.A lot of people here get so into their group that it's hard for them to relate to people outside their group.These groups could be things like where you went to high school or college all the way to the communities that exist around occupy, burning man, outdoors, salsa dancing, kickball, vegan, polyamorist, hipster, etc.Money and the tech boom probably affect dating in a myriad of ways but the most obvious would be that there's a lot of (mostly men) doing really well and more will keep coming to the city.Sub-cultures The bay's culture has long encouraged open mindedness and for people to be whoever they want to be." I don't know which gender has is it better or worse.

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