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There is a reason so many senior singles choose our site to get in touch with new friends, find companions, and very often meet partners for life!

When you get to a certain age, dating often becomes tiresome and sometimes you might even think about giving up.

Try avoiding "do it", "hump" & "make love/ make out." You are looking for sex, so stick to "be intimate with" or "enjoy sex with."(OMG, when did I turn into Samantha from Sex in the City)Well, you say you're 19 at the top of your profile, but then you're 20 in the "about me" section. I, too, agree that older women will expect more from a conversation than, "Hey, do you like 'stuff'? "Here's a little advice from an older Man; considering I'm 34 it sounds nice to be able to say that..The point is "dude" that you need to get quite a bit more polish if you want to approch any woman much less one with maturity...

Talk about companionship, art & life, culture, that your looking not just looking for a woman but rather a lady.

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We tested them all out, and our results of three months of testing are displayed in the table below.i like sexy mature experienced women who know what they wanna and just wanna know how i can hook up with one and have a good time.. Do you think it is really flattering to an older woman that you just want a "hook up" with them?any preferably older women can you give me some advice or if you yourself want a younger man let me knowmy best suggestion: try to find a genie in a bottle, and make that one of your three for reference, what "counts" as an older woman to a 19 yr old?? If you think you need an experienced older woman, call Dr. She will tell you the difference between your balls and your elbows.Those of the female gender like to be refered to as "ladies" becuase that is whay they are... Before anything else, Scooter, you might need to wait for your testicles to drop and your voice to finish cracking. Seriously, "older" to you is someone who can legally buy booze.It sounds like the chicks your looking for hang out on craigslist and chaarge per hour... If you're looking for a proverbial cougar, you might want to make sure you're not going to high school with their kids. I need someone to mow my lawn and clean out my garage. I have a rule that if he can't buy his own****ail with his own government issued, valid ID he is too young. I would be completely freaked out if I found out he was cruising for older women. But you forgot to mention he's got to wait for his penis to finish growing! If I could have given birth to a 'man', he's too young. If I had to pay cash for a good laugh every day I would owe rebel about 300,000 dollars. If he becomes your houseboy, I want to know if he does windows???If you look at the table of our favorite websites, you’ll see that it’s not a problem of girls not liking us or not wanting to hook up with us.

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