Secular muslim dating

If young Turkish girls and guys like these are so inline with Islamic codes when it comes to sexuality--imagine the Turkish society as a whole!

Moreover, refusing sex to husband (while not being on period and without having a proper reason) is considered unlawful in Islamic tradition/culture.Lets say you meet a decent muslim girl - they are out there for sure - and she would love to be with you, there is still her family.Either you have to become a Muslim, or even when you are one you have to be from her background or she is already promised to a cousin back from her home village.Therefore--Muslim girls are happily willing to give sex to husband most of the times.I've seen some amateur videos from Algeria, Morrocco, Turkey, Indonesia, and Pakistan etc. Girls treating their men like gods in bed and giving their everything! Especially if you are looking for a quick romantic fun via girlfriend/FWB type relationship.And believe me, every single thing points to one conclusion: The single greatest stock of women to be good wives are Muslim girls. But you could get a girl of the same quality in Latin America, Asia or Africa without needing to convert to a dangerous ideology like Islam. Yes I'm sure that Muslim girls (actual Muslim girls as in moderately religious, not secular ones like in Bosnia) are awesome. All the empirical, objective evidence and trends point towards this. Iranian and Azerbaijanian women are both hot and make excellent wife material.

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