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Ministers had the choice of raising women's age of entitlement to 65, but decided not to risk the electoral unpopularity.

Mr Richardson, who suffers from asthma, spends pounds 50 a year on prescriptions, which currently cost pounds 5.25 each.In addition, some drugs, such as inhalants, may damage or destroy nerve cells, either in the brain or the peripheral nervous system (the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord).Drug use can also increase the risk of contracting infections.The Government had already made provision to equalise the retirement age at 65 for both men and women between 20, and the prescription age will go up at the same time.The directive gave states the discretion to delay equal state pensions, but the EU court ruled yesterday that the equal provision of prescriptions could not be similarly exempted, because it was not "inextricably linked" to the pension age.Men can apply for their free prescriptions and refunds from today.

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