Options for consolidating student loans


I�m saving myself several thousand dollars over the next few years while keeping my loan payment the same!

I have the most simple student loan refinance situation, good credit score, and solid income.I would recommend Earnest to all of my friends and family! Originally, I was on a variable rate that started to climb. Earnest offers a progressive take on lending, and surely they're able to approve many applicants that other lenders would not.I started the process to refinance with another company when the folks at Earnest reached out to see if they could modify my loan to similar rates. My previous student loan company (Navient) clearly did not care about me or my repayment goals. I was able to get updates via chat whenever I needed one, and overall the experience is great. They do this by examining an applicant's holistic financial picture, rather than focusing on factor (like credit score).When you refinance multiple loans, the lender will evaluate your current financial profile to provide a rate that reflects your financial progress since you originally took out the loans. We’ve put together a library of essential resources (like how-to guides, comparisons, and calculators) to help you make better choices when it comes to refinancing student loans. Browse Resource Library This was my second time refinancing my loans and it was super easy with earnest!Whereas consolidation just streamlines bills, refinancing also shrinks them. The entire process from quote to signing and setting up my automatic payment.Consolidating student loans does not affect the amount of interest you pay—it just simplifies your payments.

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