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This was an arrest for shoplifting, not armed robbery or assault. How do her exposed genitals get covered by pepper spray?

“If the deputies or officers had to go hands on with an uncooperative suspect that justified the use of a tazer or pepper spray, and that is simply no longer the case under 9th circuit law,” he said.Di Pietro’s actions weren’t what any proper guideline would call for- and if he indeed was standing there, hosing a naked teen off for 30 minutes- where and why were any other witnesses concerned with the fact that this girl wasn’t given some non-pepper sprayed clothes to wear?Or- transported to a facility that could do proper decontamination? He did this by having her strip naked and stand there while he hosed her off with water. John Di Pietro, who is normally their PR go to guy- who obviously should know better, took it upon himself to “decontaminate” a 17 year old girl who had been pepper sprayed after shoplifting.THIS SHOW IS RATED R FOR LANGUAGE, ALCOHOL AND DRUG USE, SEXUAL CONTENT, AND NUDITY. A place where adults explore what it means to be human through unfiltered storytelling.

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