Non payment webcam Reallifecam cm


Even self-employed models get about 40%, with the rest taken by the webcam hosting platforms.

The client never pays directly to the model, they usually use some form of conditional currency, valid on one particular website.

Besides, to receive their payment in the first place, the model must first earn the minimal required sum, specified in the contract, usually about .

Incidentally, 99% of male models usually do not get paid even this much.

You pay 15.3% for 2013 SE tax on 92.35% of your Net Profit greater than 0.

The 15.3% self employed SE Tax is to pay both the employer part and employee part of Social Security and Medicare.

The SE tax is already included in your tax due or reduced your refund. The SE tax is in addition to your regular income tax on the net profit.

Those are not employee expenses and not a schedule A deduction.And you can add 3–5 days spent for bank transfer process.These are just symptoms of the core problem of this sphere — lack of transparency.Each link in this chain deducts their share of the model’s earning.A model working at the agency usually receives 20–25% of what her client paid.I received a 1099-MISC form from the webcam studios that I worked for and I want to know what form I should fill out to properly report my earnings and tax write-offs.

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