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Our vision is to transform the adult industry into a safe haven which respects all sex workers and provides them the tools to become successful independent entrepreneurs,” French says.

“Because I was one of them, I know exactly what can and what does happen behind the scenes. But the reality is that adult entertainment is here to stay, and people have to come to terms with that.”The numbers are staggering: Adult entertainment, be it online or as film, is a -billion global industry and is ever growing.

We’re seeking to change the perception of this business.“In the adult industry, if we don’t start to dig in, to look at what’s really going on and to try to clean it up and make it safer for everyone, it will be a problem.

Because people will pretend no problem exists.”Disarming as she may come across, French can hold her own in a boxing ring.

That content generally consists of self-produced videos from web-cam and adult performers. The soft-spoken French, 36, is the bilingual CEO and co-founder of four-year-old Many Vids and could easily pass as the innocent girl next door.Some assume that because they’re sex workers, they don’t mind the abuse.Well, they do, and they shouldn’t be ignored or pushed into places they don’t want to go.”French is under no illusions about the state of her business.“We monitor all content that goes online, and we have very strict standards with regard to violence and overtly graphic material.YOU hereby acknowledge that you wish to view sexually explicit content, and that you are not offended by watching gay porn or viewing XXX rated gay adult images or web sites.YOU agree to hold harmless from any claims whatsoever related to using this website or any other site linked from it, or expenses for breach.Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions of Access Men On The contains depictions of adults engaged in sexual acts.

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