Michele wie dating

When Wie went to Palo Alto in 2007, Annika Sorenstam, the winningest golfer in LPGA history, openly questioned Wie's dedication and mental toughness.Never mind that Sorenstam was searching for a major until she was 24."Remember when Barry Bonds was having his historic home run season?

But none of these peculiarities raises eyebrows like her decision to go to Stanford.

"He made the field look 70 percent as big as it was.

That's what Michelle does when she's on." Those 300-yard drives by a gangly teen were great TV, but the promise was in Wie's demeanor.

Even golf nut Charles Barkley had lunch with Wie only to drill her about the impossible task of being No. Many outsiders see her time at Stanford as an escape from expectations, a noble excuse for not achieving greatness.

But college had been in Wie's plans since she first visited Palo Alto at age 7.

With the pressure off at a par-3 pro-am event the next day, she made two holes-in-one.

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