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I ever remember shortly after Knocked Up came out, I had a chance to speak with some girlfriends who blasted the part where he was afraid to have sex with her when she was pregnant, citing head trauma or whatever his reasons were lol. Son being born, I sent both our mom's in to deal with it LOL Over the years I've had sex with 4 women who were pregnant... none of the women I was with had any issues with difficult pregnancies so it was not a problem... I have had sex with pregnant women, who were not mothers to my children. Plus with their hormones going wacky, they are extra horny...

A few of them said it was just about the most absurd thing they've seen, and some went as far as to say that they had their SO of the time use excuses similar to his from the movie. I'm actually looking forward to experiencing it myself for the first time, when it happens. [Once her water breaks there are infection issues]The other infection issue is STIs. On the bright side, you know you can't get them pregnant... I posted this on my TRY THIS thread on LITEROTICA many moons ago. If you've read the threads you'll know that the G&ASpot orgasms are a series of PUSH OUT muscle spasms NOT like clitoral orgasms which are suck in contractions and from everything I've seen and heard NOT nearly with the muscle intensity as a GSpot muscle contraction.

Stick to stimulating her clit and normal intercourse during pregnancy.Just click below to start an instant, one-to-one, private conversation.You’ll find our team of experienced mums, midwives and health care professionals are waiting at the other end with practical answers and friendly advice about everything to do with being and becoming a mum.They both said sex is great and even helps get that lovin' feeling moving things along. At C&G baby club, we answer thousands of questions from mums and mums-to-be every week. There's no need to register or download any software.I'm NOT a doctor but to me this is just plain COMMON SENSE !!!

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