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Paul of the very first SF magazine he ever saw, the November 1928 edition of Gernsbacks Amazing Stories, showing astronauts on a Jovian moon hanging before the planet itself.

With no more knowledge than that, much early sf treated Jupiter as merely an exotic, if larger, version of Earth.The first man to see Jupiters four moons, which had been circling it since the creation (chapter 1). Jovian cloud intelligences have even troubled Doctor Who. He compares their rich culture to an architecture made out of ideas.In the year 3020, as a by-product of a complex conflict over how to deal with the discovery of Jovian life, Galileo is drawn through time into an extraordinary journey into a Jupiter full of life and mind: The bands and the swirls have always been its thoughts . In the audio drama The Jupiter Conjunction (2012), the Fifth Doctor encounters Jovians, inhabitants of the planets atmosphere, gas, dust and vapour held together by some navigating consciousness . Jupiters moons, which are relatively Earthlike worlds, tend to attract more attention than the great planet itself.[Top] The Medusa Chronicles, my new collaboration with Alastair Reynolds (Gollancz, 2016), came out of a chance suggestion by Al in the course of a nostalgic email exchange: why dont we write a sequel to A Meeting with Medusa? Clarkes much-loved novella was originally published in Playboy for December, 1971.It is a saga of the exploration of Jupiters cloud layers, with the intrepid Howard Falcon encountering aerial life forms dominated by the huge medusae.Campbell Jr., who insisted on scientific realism in the stories he published. (1941) Jovians, made xenophobic by an ignorance of the universe beyond the cloud decks, regard humans as vermin. In the 1960s predictions of temperate, Earthlike conditions of temperature and pressure in Jupiters upper atmosphere, as well as the possibility of the presence of a wide variety of organic molecules, led to speculation about life in the Jovian cloud layers.

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