If your Linux machines happen to include a GUI (and you want them running a more recent kernel), UKUU is a great route to kernel upgrade nirvana.For example, the installation of the 4.10.9 kernel failed, so I went with the 4.10.0 version.New features and optimizations found in a more recent kernel can make for a much smoother, reliable, secure, and efficient experience.In order to gain the improvements found in a more recent kernel, you can always search for the right repository or even attempt an old-fashion kernel compile.


After running the update (and rebooting), I found my machine running 4.10.9 (the kernel I originally wanted).We have invested 21 years of our lives into our Club and website and we ourselves dig deep into our own pockets every month to ensure the Club and website is properly run as far as advertising, parties and events go, so we don't really have much time for freeloaders.Now consider you had "Free Member" Status on your profile, the person you are with would not have met you in the first place as you may not even have money for drinks let alone lunch or a hotel room, considering you couldn't afford to pay for Membership.I highly recommend testing this in a virtual machine before attempting on your production machines.But there are times you might want a more recent kernel running under the hood.All our Members are paid up Members and wouldn't want to meet someone who hasn't contributed.

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