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Just about everyone interviewed for this story said that these stories were embellished.” There are some interesting implications to this story.First, conservatives should take heart from it, not only because young adults are far less promiscuous than advertised, but particularly because women still feel this pressure to lie.If supporting studies show similar conclusions about a female predilection for sexual duplicity, justice will require the courts to assume a bias toward the accused in the all-too-common he said-she said case sans evidence.Which would no doubt hearten Kobe Bryant and his defenders, if not the rest of the NBA.And for another, I have never known a single sexually active woman to tell the truth about her past.I don’t know if women think men’s relative lack of verbal skills equates to an equivalent deficiency of memory, but I always found it amusing to hear how a girlfriend’s stories would inevitably evolve over time.

High School Ashley Knoll will serve as a Language Arts teacher.

But except in the case of big-talking junior-high kids desperate to score approval points by impressing their peers, I never bought that line.

For one thing, men don’t talk about sex in anywhere near the gory detail that women do.

So, I was interested to see that the Journal of Sex Research – which despite its name appears not to be an invention of Penthouse Forum or media hoaxer Joey Skaggs – has recently released a study which supports my suspicions: It’s the girls who are lying, not the guys.

The study found that women’s stories change in keeping with the chances they’ll get caught out, as the number of reported notches in a girl’s lipstick case increase 69 percent when she thinks she’s hooked up to a lie detector.

Speaking of lies, the answers reported by both men and women between the ages of 18 and 25 also exploded the notion that everyone is having wildly promiscuous sex.

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