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Calum literally sent me a Tweet and that’s where that story came from. “Frankie and Ashley have met on a number of occasions over the last few weeks,” a source told the British tabloid.“They enjoy staying in watching films and eating takeaway Nandos.“He saw himself getting married and having kids and being with her for life. It got to the point where he was struggling to get through the day so he decided to seek help at the Priory clinic.

Update: Frankie (and Cheryl’s) PR just had this to say on Twitter: Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays is reacting to a video fans made to express their love for the pop singer after she caught abuse following her breakup with Mc Fly’s Dougie Poynter.“I just want to say a massive thank you for the video,” Sandford said. I can’t believe how much effort you’ve all gone through and it’s nice to see all your faces.

The 24-year-old writes: Una Healy (@Una The Sats): So happy and excited for our @Frankie The Sats and Wayne’s baby news!!

XRochelle Humes (@Rochelle The Sats): Big congratulations to @Frankie The Sats and Wayney.

Frankie’s message has since been removed, but the You Tube video that sparked Frankie’s reaction can be seen below.

Just weeks after news broke Frankie Sandford broke up with Dougie Poynter of Mc Fly, The Saturdays’ star is reportedly arranged to go out on a date with JLS singer Aston Merrygold. Aston has been so sweet by offering her support,” a friend told The Mirror.

Frankie recently split from Mc Fly star Dougie Poynter , and Astone has been a shoulder to cry on - so much so that feelings have reportedly grown between the pair.

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