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Because these types of brain disorders seem to be more common in men, many times wives have trouble getting the support they need.The shortcomings of adults with Asperger’s Syndrome have been camouflaged beneath layers of coping strategies and defense mechanisms.He is also a Senior Consultant, Principal Psychologist and Supervisor with the team.Knowledge and understanding about ASC is expanding.Marriages can thus form seriously dysfunctional relationship patterns.

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Perhaps the relationship has taken on more of the characteristics of a business partnership or arrangement.In effect, their flexibility is exploited by the inflexibility of the person with Asperger’s Syndrome.This prompts an extremely manipulative behavior pattern, with the neurologically typical spouse going overboard to prevent stress.However, it is often difficult to find a clinician who is sensitive to the unique needs of the person with ASC. Minds & Hearts was designed to provide knowledge and assistance from a team of experienced professionals.At Minds & Hearts we work with the mind through the heart.Living with someone who sees only his or her own viewpoint cannot help but damage a spouse's self-esteem.

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