Adult chat operators work from home


Digital Select outsources the management of the chat operators to a third party bureau provider.The bureau provider recruits, retains, manages and monitors the operators and service to ensure the service operates to a very high standard and remains fully compliant.A, Every day or every week we will mail you the chat history to you.So that you know what your clients expects and you can serve them better.

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The SMS platfom allows SMS chat services to be setup quickly and operate with ease.They are also fluent in English so they will not allow your customers to face any problems 3, How long does My client needs to wait before your operators handle my client ? 4, Your staff does not know anything about My business. A, you just need to provide us with basic info about your services, Prices and any technical part of your trade. So instantly they know all about your business and handle you clients accordingly.During emergencies they call you on phone to know any unanswerable questions.9, What is the advantage of outsourcing my online customer services to you?A, Since we have well trained staff to handle your customers. And our charges are less because cost of living in India are lower when compared to the western countries. Hence our service is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

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