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It is fully compliant with all Ofcom and Phone Pay Plus regulations and by no means a scam.

In answer to example 1, we can not guarantee every advert receives a reply but every advert will appear in print and online for a minimum of one week and longer if requested.

Have changed to my own but the one I've written and saved on my profile is not the one…

Read Full Review Written on: 14/05/2013 Thank you for your feedback; we are sorry that you are unhappy with your experience, however we do not read the personal replies that other members send, and so it isn't possible for us to judge if a reply is worth reading.

The £3 payments are there for members who do not wish to commit to a credit card subscription.

However full subscriptions are available for as little as £12 per month if you add a photo and record a voice message.

You’ll meet an agent for a private and confidential conversation.In the past Twos Company was a good local site, now it has deteriorated as if the only process for the site is to make its owners "loades of money".Its so bad that some would says its very near a scam. you place an ad you get no actual responces but loades of matches.Our valued members also receive regular promotions such as Happy Hours, when collecting messages is just 25p per minute. Written on: 03/10/2010 I found this review not helpful because...Written on: 24/06/2011 Im trying to cancel my advert and come off the site, i have sent emails and telephoned but still i keep receiving text messages from the site.... It doesn't really say anything about the site does it?Your personalised matches will be made without revealing your surname, photo, workplace or other personal details.

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