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Her passion is showing women around the world how to find love again with a good man after 50.Learn the 5 Little Known Secrets to Finding A Quality Man Over 50 at Find AQuality Meet a man within two to three weeks of your initial contact with each other.If a man tells you he’ll be out of the country for a month or two, tell him to give you a call when he gets back. You’ll be able to see if the image matches who he says he is or if he’s stolen his picture from someone else. They can keep you safe and will give you confidence in the decisions you’re making about the men you want to spend time with.

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In their mind, they’re not sure a man will want them at this age so when a good-looking man starts paying attention to them online, they feel special, desired and wanted.Here’s what you can do to protect yourself and keep your dating journey safe. Keep emails short and sweet and at a maximum of 5-10 each at the most.Spend no more than a couple of hours on one or two phone calls maximum.He’s going to tell you that he just needs a little more money to finish the deal or he’ll lose everything. You’re in love with him and you don’t want to see him suffer.He may even tell you that family members have invested as well but the bank won’t be able to give him the last bit he needs, which means he’s going to lose the deal and all the money he and his family have invested. You want to help him so you wire the money he needs to his bank account. Thousands of intelligent women get caught up in these scams every year.Then one day he shares news with you about a business deal he’s about to close and once its done, he’ll come see you.

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