Teen dating and stds

Create your ideal boyfriend and see how you respond to some challenging situations in your relationship.

They recommend not allowing steady dating before the age of 16 and even after that age, not to let your teen date anyone significantly older and discourage getting in a serious relationship.According to Planned Parenthood, teenagers are less likely to engage in risky behaviors -- including sex -- when an adult is nearby.If there’s a gap in time from when she comes home from school and you come home from work, have her go to a neighbor or friend’s house where an adult is present, or if that’s not possible, set firm boundaries with her, letting her know it’s unacceptable for anyone to be in the house when you’re not there. Teenagers are highly influenced by their peers, so make sure she’s not hanging out with other kids that might pressure her to become sexually active.Use your own teenage years as a model for how you talk to your teen about your values and beliefs; if you were sexually active at a young age, explain why you believe she shouldn't make the same choice.Discuss the difference between love and sexual desire, and talk about how the two can sometimes be confused.Make sure if your teen is at a friend’s house or party that there is an adult present to help deter sexual activity among the kids.

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