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As soon as I saw her shaved hairline it reminded me of an episode of Lockup I saw recently. She claimed that she went to a salon to lighten her hair in the front and when they processed it her hair fell out.It turns out that she really shaved her hairline, put a bandanna on and a hood up to conceal the rest of her hair, and went into pharmacies with a stolen prescription pad to score pain killers they prescribe to cancer patients.Obviously something occurred with the intense bleaching and this chick probably fried the widows peak part of her hairline off so they just shaved it and it's growing back.

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Yeah let's bitch about a 16 year old girl's looks and say she needs surgery.

She did something stupid and her mom is forcing her to live with the consequences. Yeah, yeah, Santa's bringing me coal this year but I think it was nice to see a mom on the show finally stand firm and be blunt with how much this was going to fuck up her daughter's future plans.

Now I can finally leave my comment about her hairline issues.

In all reality, Maddy probably shaved her hairline to try and conceal her widow's peak and didn't think it was going to look as horrible as it does.

Ok, but regardless of whether she shaved it herself or had a hairdresser do it, it looks bad.

Maddy ended up pregnant from this one night stand, and now she's having a baby with some guy she's hung out with like 6 times in her whole life.

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