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Any such ex parte temporary injunction shall be effective for a fixed period not to exceed 15 days.However, an ex parte temporary injunction granted under subparagraph (2)(c)2.The court may grant a continuance of the ex parte injunction and the full hearing before or during a hearing, for good cause shown by any party.The terms of the injunction shall remain in full force and effect until modified or dissolved.From this reimbursement, the clerk shall pay the law enforcement agency serving the injunction the fee requested by the law enforcement agency; however, this fee may not exceed .The sworn petition shall allege the incidents of repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence and shall include the specific facts and circumstances that form the basis upon which relief is sought.

Notwithstanding any other law, the clerk of the court may not assess a fee for filing a petition for protection against repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence.

Police say that Jose "Benny" Caballero and Elissa Alvarez committed "lewd and lascivious behavior" (sex) in Bradenton Beach. Or maybe it went on for so long because the guy saw the GRANDMOTHER THAT FILMED THIS VIDEO and didn't have to close his eyes and think about baseball. "They laid on the beach and passed out for hours," the grandmother said.

"This went on for about 25 minutes," one witness said. "I've lived here since 1978 and I go to the beaches and I've never seen anything like this," she told local reporters. "We thought they were dead, but when they woke up, they cuddled for awhile, then started into the same thing they did before." See, ladies, some men DO like to cuddle after sex!

The respondent shall be personally served with a copy of the petition, notice of hearing, and temporary injunction, if any, prior to the hearing.

When it appears to the court that an immediate and present danger of violence exists, the court may grant a temporary injunction which may be granted in an ex parte hearing, pending a full hearing, and may grant such relief as the court deems proper, including an injunction enjoining the respondent from committing any acts of violence. 90.204, in a hearing ex parte for the purpose of obtaining such temporary injunction, no evidence other than the verified pleading or affidavit shall be used as evidence, unless the respondent appears at the hearing or has received reasonable notice of the hearing.

is effective for 15 days following the date the respondent is released from incarceration.

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