Rsvp dating site tasmania


I would like some clarity before going back to this site.

Has anyone else had anything similair happen to them?I have met people for everything from a single meeting (things just didn't work out) up to a longer term relationship (9 months) and many things in between. And while what people write in their profiles is not up to the site, the fact that the people are genuine shows the site is also genuine.Of course you have to be prepared for a lot of knock backs, but again that is nothing to do with the site.Then they keep sending me loads of promotion emails so I demanded they remove me and all data associated with my account! I joined the basic plan and paid odd dollars for 6 months - you'd think that be enough to start a conversation with someone within this dating site BUT in order to actually chat I now am asked to PAY more to connect to men who find me approachable. I think an organisation like ASIC needs to have a look at their business model and how they’re treating consumers.I don't recommend RSVP I recently rejoined and it had many of the same photos as it did ten years ago.No, I'm hardly catch of the year, however I'd like to live with a little dignity. I have also been refunded if the people I have been talking to have been banned or are deemed to be 'dodgey'. Not when I'm fully paid up, never then, only when my stamps have run out. As when I am paid up, this sort of thing never happens.

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