Quicken historical prices not updating


I decided to give them a try, but after a month I couldn't use the service anymore.It was just awful, and I almost missed a bill because I didn't get the notification.The whole time they acted like this was a problem they'd never seen before, but it turned out they'd already had lots of users complaining about it for weeks!Quicken offered lots of suggestions; some of them fixed the problem for some people, but some of us were still stuck.They finally released an update for 2016 with a promise that the 2017 correction would soon follow.

Arithmetic is easy, and should be a given for a finance software tool.And yet I find incorrect totals frequently that do not correct themselves until I log out and log back in.It means I can't trust the numbers I see, which is the most basic function of a home finance software platform.I signed up for Quicken Premier 2018 because of the "FREE" Bill Pay feature.At the first month, they charged me 9.95, which I assumed was an error, but it turns out that I never finished the 4th step of the setup, which activates the service, so they charged me the full pay.Quicken 2018 is definitely a downgrade from what Quicken used to be under Intuit.

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