Questions on dating


The article is entitled “10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date.” (A first date!

Our younger daughter, currently training in advanced electronics in the Navy and faced with a male-to-female ratio of almost 7:1, has a simpler strategy.Forget asking about compatibility in music or hobbies, much less faith, family and finances. Witt is obsessed with one thing: “Anti-oppression.” This doesn’t strike me as a solid strategy for long-term domestic tranquility; but hey, what do I know?I find this topic interesting because our two daughters, now 19 and 22, are firmly in the dating scene and wondering where their future may lie (although we’ve always advised our daughters not to marry before age 25, since maturity helps in wisely choosing a compatible mate). She’s such a pixyish combination of wholesomeness and maturity – what happens when homeschooled girls become adults – that a lot of people can’t believe she’s for real.The Lewises live on 20 acres in north Idaho with their two homeschooled children, assorted livestock, and a shop that overflows into the house with depressing regularity. Back in about 1986, when I was single, a friend set me up on a blind date.We made a foursome: my friend and her boyfriend, a friend of the boyfriend and me.I stumbled upon a website recently with dating strategies for the politically correct woman.

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