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(Beware, another stereotype follows: the AAB is a prestigious school, filled with young men and women learning to dance.One would think there would be at least one gay character, right?Outside of a single line early in the film, there's nothing.Endless scenes of ballet dancing and tights and positively gay material without even a token queer character?In essence, by the time these two work themselves (and the audience) into a lather, no one really cares anymore.In the sequel to the million grossing , self-taught dancer Parker travels from Detroit to New York to audition for the American Academy of Ballet.

Only a couple brief appearances by Peter Gallagher-a holdover from the first film-provide any real acting punch.Adults are a mixed bag in terms of role models, but realistic -- some are self-serving and arrogant, others are open-minded and compassionate.For girls and boys, there are good representations of hardworking young adults to model, in spite of the many distractions of the big city. Either in front of a fountain after a date or on stage, the film comes alive when these performers are the focus of the camera.Unfortunately, the script keeps them apart in a vain attempt at creating drama, making the production suffer from zero pop and a lack of emotion.When the audition for a prestigious production rolls around, Kate must decide what she is willing to do to reach her dream. Themes of female empowerment, a "you can do it" attitude and more dancing than anyone can shake a stick at dominate the film to such a point it's easy to choreography the end within the first ten minutes.

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