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Like most of the north German styles it was destroyed by a combination of the Reinheitsgebot and the introduction of lager.Gilde still brew a beer called Broyhan, though it is just another pale lager.If you like what you hear, you simply let the organizers know, and if that person likes you back then you can take...It wouldn’t be unfair to say that folks in the UK aren’t necessarily the most outgoing people around.If you enjoy life in the fast lane, and aren’t the sort of person who likes to waste your time on failed projects, Speed might just be the dating site for you!

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Ilana offered more practical guidance, telling the audience, 'Don't drink too much.

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This is a short guide to beer pubs in centre of the city. There are two more substantial breweries: Gilde (now owned by Inbev) and Herrenhausen (independent).

Hannover was renowned throughout northern Germany for its own beer style, Broyhan. In style, it was a top-fermented pale wheat beer, something similar ro Leipziger Gose or Berliner Weisse.

It's usually drunk simultaneously with Korn, both glasses being held in the same hand.

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