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It’s used when greeting others in web chats and live-streaming comments, or when greeting someone in a conversation.This pattern of kana character Latin character is pretty common and can be seen with other ネットスラング like んp (no problem) and うp (upload).名無しさん If you’re familiar with 2ちゃん (にちゃん – the name of a Japanese textboard), then you’re no stranger to 名無しさん (ななしさん – anonymous user).

The number four stands for よ, six is ろ, 4 is し and 9 is く.

Well actually, instead of “just kidding,” the internet acronym “ stands for 女子高生 (じょしこうせい – high school girl) in the Land of the Rising Sun.

I spend more time than I’d like to admit roaming the internet, ghosting my favorite blogs and watching hours worth of tear-jerking Japanese dramas and cat videos on You Tube.

Don’t confuse 名無しさん for a ROM (ろむ- read-only member), a person who reads website content, but doesn’t make any comments or posts.ズッ友 Have you ever been on Facebook or Instagram and seen a #bff or #friends4life tag or sticker? ズッ友 is a combination of ずっと (forever) and 友達 (ともだち – friend), making it equivalent to (best) friends forever.

A lot of girls use this in photos when tagging their friends.

What makes it either fantastically clever or unbearably annoying is that user comments are overlaid directly on top of a video, rather than below the video.

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