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**, they get your money and play with your money all the time.Finally after 2 years, we bought out 2 devices so we can own them and guess what, they will not unlock our devices.I will advise to everybody that had a bad experience with Sprint to report them to the BBB. I have not had any service since purchasing Sprint and it has been a month and when I called about it the agent was basically like, "Well cancel." There’s nothing they can do. But, in the past 4 months the bill increased to 4.Sprint is the worst company I have ever dealt with. We called Sprint and were asking to adjust the bill.I opted to pay the ETF and leave this despicable company. Save yourself a lot of trouble and choose someone else. Again we went to the Sprint store and we got the same answer. After spending over 5.00 I got home to find out I did not have service at my home.We have signed with Sprint and were promised the monthly bill will be 2. We went to their store and they said: "It is a mistake. I called and they did not have a magic spot and would not have one till after August 1, 2018. Was also told they only allowed 1 Magic spot per account.

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I highly discourage anyone from ever joining this carrier. It has constantly been spotty and I’m always on extended or it just doesn’t work at all.They were just some third party I was speaking with and did not work for Sprint. I told the CSR I was never told about a contract nor did we agree to a contract.I left and went home to call Sprint customer service again but was unable to reach them again. I was told sorry, but there is nothing they can do and that they would submit a ticket about the CSR that added the additional line so that it wouldn't happen to anyone else.Joyce at Sprint told me the store was suppose to refund that to go back and she would call him. Joyce also stated she would call me later to make sure everything went okay and she has not call as of now. We recently added an additional line, using a phone we already owned.Manager on duty told me Sprint would send refund themself and me staying there was not going to settle anything and that again customer service could not tell them what to do. We specifically asked about a contract, as it was just a temporary line until all the contracts on the account expired. Imagine my surprise when I find out they gave us a 2 yr contract on the new line. We were told that we were given a 2 yr contract because we were on a grandfathered plan and that if we had a newer plan there would not have been a contract.Second, when trying to switch to a better carrier it is damn near impossible to get your phone unlocked.

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