Dentures dating


Despite her excitement about the day, she revealed she was anxious about her oral capabilities. I have a partial denture with plate and if we became intimate in the future I’m worried.

I did years of internet dating and it didn’t occur to me to worry on the first date about what may or may not be on view if there was development of the relationship. The best thing to do is put your worries to one side and enjoy the date. Nope, he never noticed although obviously he knew 😬. If the relationship develops and he cares about you....a denture shouldn't matter.

I’m not nostalgic for my pretty young face or the retro glasses.

I’m mourning the full set of straight, sparkling teeth. By age 22 my passport picture shows the same pretty face – but with a snaggle-toothed grin.

I felt incredibly nervous the first time we kissed but I don't think he noticed.

A little while into the relationship, he mentioned he had a dental checkup and (all his own teeth) said, "I can't stand false teeth" well, that really shocked my confidence and I never felt the same about him after that, although we did continue to see each other for a while. He probably won't want a full blown snog right away I would imagine.

I plucked up courage and told him; his response was to take my face in his hands and kiss me. Deni1963 Try not to worry too much about your denture.

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