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MAP representatives and MAP attorneys will be teaming up to provide an educational seminar to provide you the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively represent your members. The Sixth Circuit affirmed the district court’s holding that the retirees had vested lifetime health care benefits.

Some topics included will be body camera issues, recognizing your rights while exercising collective bargaining activities, understanding your privileges during discipline hearings, Garrity and Weingarten rights, identifying contract violations and effectively applying the grievance process, negotiating and enforcing your contracts and more. The Decision The Supreme Court unanimously reversed, holding that the Sixth Circuit had failed to follow Tackett’s directive to apply ordinary principles of contract law.

Yet even this model of forced unionism shows strain, brought on by union overreach.

Over time, organized labor has shifted its core function away from serving its members and to consolidating its political power, acting as a financial pipeline for a single political party.

We have joined together to form a more professional voice in law enforcement.

Unions are self-motivated to grow government: More government programs lead to more employees who pay more in union dues.

But fiscal pressures in states and municipalities have been mounting, particularly related to retiree benefits, and the Great Recession forced many states to make tough choices. Scott Walker famously championed collective bargaining reform.

he wants to privatize everything including public safety. If your union is doing anything to prepare for this or influence the Supreme Court (not sure how you do that) please let me know and I will get the word out. In February, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Janus v.

AFSCME to decide whether government employees can be fired for refusing to pay union dues.

Here's an article we are running in the August issue of American Police Beat about the most recent murder of one of our law enforcement officers. u=dcd3e5ab5e37d1df82eed bad9&id=8799513fe1&e=bea0cb0b7b to listen. VIDEO: Help Us Fight This Gross Injustice To my fellow officers! Hugh Barry of the 43 Precinct was indicted for Murder 2 by a Bronx grand jury for the shooting death of an emotionally disturbed woman who attacked him with a baseball bat.

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