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Miley Stewart's huge secret is she leads a double as the famous pop singer Hannah Montana, along with her friend Lilly, who also has a double life as Lola, Hannah's friend.The Disney Channel used to be a very good network in the 90's but for the past few years have put some of the stupidest shows on television on Disney and totally went down the drain in quality.Carly hosts her own home-grown web show, i Carly, Carly and sidekick Sam's regular Web casts ultimately feature everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, and problem-solving.

Actor: Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Cate Freedman, Kate Lambert, Katie O'Brien, Kathryn Renée Thomas, Tim Bagley, Coolio, Keith L.

Sonny's home and work life is documented along with her adjustment to life in the spotlight.

As Hannah Montana's popularity begins to take over her life, Miley Stewart, on the urging from her father takes a trip to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee to get some perspective on what matters in life the most.

Miley is really singing pop superstar "Hannah Montana", but most of her friends at school have no idea.

In the show Miley and her dad moved from Tennessee to Malibu so she can have her music career.

High School Student Fashion Critic Future Fashion Designer Empire Skate Building Employee Kitty Couture Camp Counselor In Training (Bunk'd Season 1-2) Camp Counselor (Bunk'd End of Season 2-Present) Camp Owner (Bunk’d Season 3)Rosie Liotta (Best Friends)Jessie Prescott (Best Friends)Bertram Winkle (Close Friends)Maybelle (Neighbor/Close Friends)Boomer (Boss/Close Friends)Luke Ross (Adoptive Younger Brother)Tony Chiccolini (Building Doorman) Ravi Ross (Adoptive Younger Brother) Xander Mc Cormick (Boyfriend/In Love With) (Bunk’d) Lou Hockhauser (Bunk'd; cabin counselor/best friend)Griff Jones (Bunk’d) Tiffany Chen (Bunk'd; cabin mate) Jorge (Bunk’d)Destiny Baker (Bunk’d Season 3)Finn Sawyer (Bunk’d Season 3)Matteo Silva (Bunk’d Season 3) Emilia Evangeline "Emma" Ross is one of the main characters on Jessie.

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