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You might have turned down every one of their suggestions, and the ones who you didn’t turn down barely lasted half a date.

Okay, maybe your friends have bad taste in guys or aren’t natural born matchmakers.

Understandable deal-breakers are ones related to disagreement on moral issues, values, and how he treats you (any kind of abuse, neglect, cheating, etc. Okay, he might have insisted you pay separately for the first date, going against your belief that men should always pay for everything.

But maybe he’s going through a tough time financially at the moment.

Rewrite criteria on your list to be less specific, all while staying true to what you truly desire.If they’re your good friends, they probably wouldn’t set you up with someone they thought wasn’t worthy or wouldn’t be a good match for you.So if you want to give your friends another chance, let them know you’re willing to be more open to their suggestions and let them know what your absolute deal-breakers are. You Haven’t Had a Long-Term Relationship in a While (Or Ever) Your oldest friends can’t remember the last time you’ve had a boyfriend, and it’s not because guys don’t try to pursue you.Remember: Standards are Important, but in the End, the Little Things Don’t Matter Estefania*, a rising junior at British Columbia Institute of Technology, didn’t ever imagine she would end up with her current boyfriend.However, even though he didn’t fit the criteria of her ideal guy, he ended up changing her idea of who her ideal guy would be.Ask yourself why you want that specific quality, and rephrase your criteria to say what you really want.

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