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However, annual catch estimates were much lower in the 1990s than during the 1980s even though catches-per-unit effort were similar (Valle and Oliphant 2001).

In addition, this species is often caught as by-catch by intensive shrimp trawling throughout its range.

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Anglers on private and rental boats or commercial passenger shing vessels seldom take them.

A 1965-1966 survey estimated that 30,000 Corbina were taken by southern California shore anglers along the open coast, making it the third most abundant species accounting for 13% of the surf-angler’s creel.

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Fish Bulletin of the California Department of Fish and Game 157:1--235. In addition, similar angler catch-per-unit efforts during the 1980s and 1990s indicate that the population is likely sustaining itself under present recreational harvest levels (Valle and Oliphant 2001).This demersal species occurs along sandy shores and in bays to depths of 20 m, usually in sandy surfs of the exposed outer coast.Therefore, in all contexts, the English content, as directly provided by the IUCN Red List is to be held authoritative." Justification: This species' distribution in the Eastern Pacific is not well-known, given the likely misidentification of specimens in the Gulf of California.It is heavily targeted in sport fisheries, and is also caught as by-catch by shrimp trawling throughout its range.Since then, the annual number of Corbina caught by anglers has been quite variable.

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