D3 updating setup files stuck top 20 dating questions

Similar to "An unexpected decryption error occurred", the error 108 can be caused by corrupted, damaged or incomplete installation files.

Most of these can be solved by commonsense troubleshooting techniques, but some others are a bit more .

We've recently become aware that playing Diablo III with the latest Catalyst 12.4 drivers for ATI cards may cause some visual artifacts for specific hardware configurations.

This issue affects users of ATI Radeon HD 2400, 2600, 2900, 3400, 36 graphics cards under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The good times (vanilla WOW), and the bad (Mists of Panderia), and with every launch you have taken careful consideration on server traffic, game compatibility, and customer support. One lay off and suddenly the biggest launch of this year has insane amounts of errors. From compatibility issues, Installer stuck at 1%, to P2P exclusions, and the numerous Error 37s. My own issue was resolved eventually, although I am not sure how.

Allowing users to download early was a great idea, reduce server traffic and make installation quicker, very nice right? Here are a few problems and solutions we have for you if your D3 is having issues installing. Fix #2 Right click on the Diablo 3 setup file you downloaded via the Blizzard Downloader Select Properties Choose Windows XP (Service Pack 3) (Note: Does not work on Vista.) Right Click the Icon, Run as Administrator. Delete your C:\Program Data\Blizzard Entertainment\Cache folder. Run the Downloader again, as administrator, and see if it gets past the “Updating Setup Files” window. Fix #4 This one worked for me: try and find the agent application in the folder (for example C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\battle.net\Agent). Here is a transcript of the email from blizzard regarding my issues after attempting all fixes provided from a 3 hour long phone conversation with tech support.

We'll keep this post updated throughout the next couple of days with the latest problems and info on how to fix them.

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