Chelsea chuy dating


His was so huge that I could barely get the head in my mouth..I'm a lot more experienced now. Get told it's thick often, more often "perfect if sucking" which I suppose means guys get a mouthful without gagging.

I'm sure I'd give him better head than any of the three wives he's had ever did. I prefer hung when sucking myself, although I was once got a beer can that hurt the sides of my mouth, so there are limits to thick with me So let's start backwards, and being a grower, it's probably 5 hard, I say probably because I haven't measured it since I was in high school.

I don't really enjoy getting fucked, so that's not it, but sometimes I wish I had a big cock to suck.

Would love to blow my high school buddy one more time.

Soft I'm the one of the earlier poster who said it's nearly inside him.

I can look people in the eye and talk to them, approach strangers, etc. My current BF is sweet as he can be and our sex is hot, but I admit I wish his cock was bigger. Flaccid, he is bigger than me but his doesn't get much longer when hard.

Then one time I was fucking this girl and I said something about having a big cock and she replied that it was not big, just average. I still think I have a big one, despite having been otherwise advised!

R44Tried to watch parts of it but that Lawrence guy came off as annoying and unlikable.

Never had a bf or hook up ever complain at all about it, but it has always just been a hug hang up for me.

Luckily, the hang-up part never interfered with me getting a hard-on, it’s just the getting up naked afterward part.

I'll put you down as 5, which is probably what you are and which makes you perfectly average.r36, r26 obviously meant he's between 5 and 6 inches.

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