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Passengers flashed Solidarity signs from opened windows, boasting to their neighbors of the dissident trade union whose rapid growth threatened the Communist monopoly on power in Poland.Before long, the Soviet regime insisted windows be kept shut on their territory, and eventually their Polish comrades suspended the route.“It is true that today we are not threatened directly by an attack of foreign troops on our territory, but over a longer term we cannot exclude the possibility.” And when Mr.Putin gave a rambling news conference last week that some Westerners thought held reasons for optimism, Poles heard a direct threat to their own country in his accusation that the snipers on Kiev’s Independence Square had been trained in Poland.The two nations are drawn together more by a painful past than by common threads.Ukrainian peasants once worked for Polish noblemen. — An old train route south from the eastern Polish city of Przemysl passes through Ukrainian territory, then back into Poland.

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And they see a turn toward Europe as a moral choice, not one that simply brings prosperity and stability.Most Poles today are too young to have had required Russian-language classes in grade school.Russia is a difficult trade partner, but not an affront to one’s very Polishness.So invasions, dismemberments and wholesale remappings of nations are not implausible to Poles. Putin, Russia’s president, could simply send his troops to occupy and effectively annex territory from Ukraine without real provocation may have seemed fantastical from farther away, but not from Warsaw.Today, Poland is a member of NATO and can summon its allies to consult when it feels under threat, by invoking Article 4 of the alliance’s treaty, as it did last week.Poland “is threatened in the broad sense of that word,” Gen.

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