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In the third novel (Circus of the Damned) Anita meets high school science teacher and closet werewolf Richard Zeeman and begins dating him.

She is also attacked by rival vampire Alejandro, who too marks her as his Human Servant, which cancels out the control that Jean-Claude previously exerted through the marks he had given her.

Jean-Claude (Fiance/lover) Richard Zeeman (ex-fiance ) Asher (lover) Nathaniel Graison (lover/Leopard to call) Micah Callahan (lover/Nimir-Raj) Damian (vampire servant) Jason Schuyler (Wolf to call) Crispin (White Tiger to call) Domino (Black Tiger to call)(deceased) Jade - Yiyú (Black Tiger to call/First Female Lover) Cynric (Blue Tiger to call) Mephistopheles (Gold Tiger to call) Alex (Red Tiger to call) Nicky (Bride/Lion) Anita Blake is the title and viewpoint character of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. The series takes place in a parallel world in which supernatural characters like vampires and werewolves exist alongside regular humans, with Blake's jobs including the re-animation of the dead as well as the hunting and executing of supernatural creatures (mostly vampires) that have broken the law.

Anita Blake is a petite woman of mixed German and Mexican heritage with curly long raven hair and pale skin with scars scattered over her body.

Anita Blake was born with the power of necromancy, a power that she inherited from her grandmother.

Her mother died in a car accident when Anita was 8, which greatly impacted her throughout her childhood and adult years.

In (The Lunatic Cafe) Anita becomes engaged to Richard, only to have Jean-Claude quickly blackmail her into dating him after learning of the engagement.

Anita also meets Raina, the lupa of the local wolf pack, as well as Jason, a young werewolf.

In the first novel (Guilty Pleasures) Anita receives her first marks from the vampire Jean-Claude and begins to gain advanced healing powers and abilities.

Anita initially exerted little control over her powers, eventually leading her father to request that her maternal grandmother teach Anita how to "turn off" her abilities.

Her Maternal Grandmother taught her how to control her abilities, but seeing how powerful Anita was, encouraged Anita's dad to raise her as a Christian instead of vaudun.

By the end of the book she has become instrumental in removing the previous Master Vampire of the City Nikolaos from power by killing her and has received two of the four marks necessary to become Jean-Claude's Human Servant.

These marks also enhance her necromancy powers, with Jean-Claude remarking in The Laughing Corpse that he could feel her power calling to him at the end of the book.

Anita herself kills Raina, who later inhabits Anita's body, both antagonizing her as well as giving her the ability to heal others.

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